Wayne Gordon


Wayne became a certified diver in 1980. He crewed on the Spare Time and became a Coast Guard Licensed Captain in 1987. He has extensive experience on the wrecks of Rhode Island and Massachusetts. My passion is east coast wreck diving.

Eric Simon


Eric graduated in 1979 from Florida Institute of Technology with a degree in “Underwater Technologyâ€�. He worked as a Commercial Diver in the United States and abroad. Eric is an avid diver and was first certified in 1972. He continues to explore the underwater world on  his rebreather deep inside a cave or technical wreck diving on the east coast.

Peter Venoutsos


Peter has been a certified diver since 1976. He became a certified commercial diver in 1983. He has extensive “Zero Visibility� diving experience. Pete spent many years doing underwater bridge inspections all over the country. He can tell you about the alligators in Louisiana to the pristine waters of Montana. Peter enjoys diving on wrecks, in caves and with sharks. He is a well-travelled diver is known for his underwater photography and videos.

Richard Simon


Richard is President of Manta Industries and Highseas Millwork. He is a member of the Boston Sea Rovers and a Frank Scalli Internship winner. Richard is an ANDI and TDI dive instructor. He holds both recreational and technical ratings, including but not limited to Advanced Trimix, Rebreather, Advanced Wreck and etc.  Rick is an avid diver, enjoying wreck and cave diving. He has been diving on the Canned Air since he was 14 years old.


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